Best Pastoral Practise

What examples of best pastoral practise are happening at this time in our diocese?

Below are some examples of what I have seen as best pastoral practise.  If you have any others that you would like to offer then please contact Mike Stopforth.


Parish Primary Religious Education (PPRE)

Previously known as CCD, a parish in the Christchurch East Pastoral Area has the PPRE programme and other parishes in the pastoral area are invited to participate.  A great use of resources.  

Cert in Past Ministry Booklet 2009.pdf PPRE Poster.pdf (202KB)

Parish Christmas Flyer and Information

At the end of each year Papanui parish delivers a Christmas newsletter to every home on the parish roll. This is a valuable outreach to all Catholics, practising or not, reminding them of the meaning of Christmas, and encouraging them to come along. There has been very positive feedback to this initiative. It's about keeping people connected to their local community of faith.

Cert in Past Ministry Booklet 2009.pdf Papanui Parish Christmas 2008.pdf (741KB)

Baptism Flyer

When parents request the Sacrament of Baptism, Papanui offer the attached flyer providing some information about the Sacrament and the information required for the baptism to occur.

Cert in Past Ministry Booklet 2009.pdf Papanui Baptism Leaflet.pdf (70KB)

Parish Information Booklet

This booklet provides useful information to all parishioners, but particularly useful for parishioners new to the parish.  The information includes the diverse parish groups, Mass times and much more.

Cert in Past Ministry Booklet 2009.pdf Hornby Information Booklet 2009 - In Love and Service.pdf (590KB)

Information for New Parishioners

This flyer produced by Our Lady of Perpetual help Parish, St Albans provides information to new parishioners about  the parish.

Cert in Past Ministry Booklet 2009.pdf OLPH Brochure - New Parishioners.pdf (759KB)